BlockchainConnex.com is a boutique events, custom investor luncheons and information services company.  We curate custom events for our clients and for the blockchain community.  Our platform is used to connect Blockchain companies with investors who are looking for innovative new developments in this marketplace.   We educate and inform the public on use cases for “Blockchain” Technology and its association with crypto assets (digital coins and crypto tokens). Here you will learn everything about the newest trends, blockchain technology, ICOs, token investing, connecting with investors, learn to pitch and cryptocurrency in general.

The gradual rise in the price of Bitcoin and the entry by “Facebook” into the Crypto market with its own coin “LIBRA” and the fast pace with which blockchain is developing, we believe it will soon be used in enterprise applications.  Blockchain technology, which operates as an open and distributed ledger, is making significant advancements. One of the reasons for blockchain preference is its ability to efficiently make records of inter-party transactions. The cryptocurrency market has grown tremendously in the last four years and the alternative currency is being used in many institutional financing models, including borrowing from Bitcoin and Ethereum to make their own Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

Our goal is to inform, educate, and connect blockchain companies with investors all over the globe.  Apart from providing you with investment opportunities, blockchain is now being adopted in the energy, telecoms, logistics, healthcare and other industries.  Our site provides information on the upcoming ICOs listings, a comprehensive listing of “Blockchain” companies and other cryptocurrency ventures.

We are building an ecosystem’s emerging companies and innovative products and services as well as the pioneers from Blockchain companies can interact.  We encourage growing blockchain to register and share the whitepaper of their projects and use cases.

The Management Team.